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Millions dream of achieving the American Dream, and many have succeeded by getting an E2 visa. This renewable form of immigration allows entrepreneurs from treaty countries to invest in the United States without having to leave its borders; it’s a win-win situation for both parties! It’s recommended that people seek help from an immigration attorney.

With this type of visa, individuals can live out their dreams while also expanding business opportunities within America’s economy. This blog will provide nine essential tips to help increase your odds of obtaining visa approval – so read on!

Tips & Ticks: Increase Chances Of E2 Visa Approval

As with every other individual, you would like to get the most out of your time and efforts when getting an E2 visa. Below you will find 4 out of 8 tips that could greatly help increase your chances of success.

1) Ensure That The Application And Supporting Documents Are Accurate And Clear:

Accuracy is critical when applying for an E2 visa. Ensure everything submitted is valid and easily understood by the reviewing officer. Additionally, work contracts and other financial documents should be precise to ensure no discrepancies occur upon review.

2) Avoid Overly Complicated Company Structure: 

Avoid complex organizational structures when setting up your business structure for an E2 visa. It is because they may take longer to process and could lead to delays or denials. A simple organizational structure is often the easiest to understand and most efficient in obtaining approval.

3) Financial Arrangements Should Be Precise: 

When submitting financial documents, it’s important to ensure they are clear and accurate. It includes proof of where the E2 investment money came from and that it is legally obtained. Be sure to provide all relevant documentation for the application to move forward.

4) The E2 Visa Investment Must Be Substantial: 

A key factor in ensuring that an E2 visa application is approved is the substantial investment in the business. Ensure you plan to show the reviewing officer that you have the necessary funds to sustain your business which an immigration lawyer can do.


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