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Consular Processing in Dallas, TX

Are you looking to apply for a green card to come to the United States? If so, you may be eligible for consular processing. This is the most common way for people to obtain a permit to come to the United States.

The application procedure for a U.S. green card from outside the United States at a consulate or embassy abroad is known as consular processing. If you are eligible for consular processing, Presti Law Firm´s remarkable immigration attorneys can help you through the process. There are several steps involved in consular processing, which we will outline briefly below.

Consular Processing Steps:

  1. Analyze Your Situation to Assess Whether You Qualify for Consular Processing: You usually become eligible for immigration if a family member or employer files a petition for you.

  2. Fill out the immigrant petition: After determining which immigration category is most appropriate for your specific circumstances, you will need another person to file an immigrant petition on your behalf.

  3. Wait for a Decision on Your Petition: If your petition is approved, USCIS will send the filed petition to the National Visa Center at the Department of State.

  4. The National Visa Center will notify you: You will be notified when your petition has been received. They will also notify you of any fees or documentation required for immigrant visa processing.

  5. Attend Your Appointment: The consular office will examine your case and determine whether you are qualified for an immigration visa.

  6. Make sure to keep the National Visa Center updated on any changes: The NVC must be contacted in the following cases: a change of address, newly turned 21 years of age, or a change in marital status.

  7. Visa is approved: The consular officer will hand you a “Visa Packet,”–a packet of information regarding your visa. Do not open this package until instructed to do so.

  8. Receive Your Green Card: After you have paid the USCIS Immigrant Fee and arrived in the United States, you will receive your Green Card in the mail.


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