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There are thousands of people around the world who are forced to flee their homes due to persecution and fear. Finding safety in a new country can be difficult, and immigration law guidance is essential. It’s unfortunate that many asylum seekers must go through the immigration process without an “immigration attorney near me,” making it even more important to be prepared for the asylum interview.

Doing your homework before an immigration interview is essential. The immigration attorney you work with should provide you with advice on what documents and evidence you will need to bring to the hearing. Continue reading to learn more about asylum types, the asylum interview process, and what questions you may be asked.

Types of Asylum in the US

There are two main types of Asylum in the US: Affirmative and Defensive Asylum. The difference between the two is the way they are applied for. 

  • Affirmative Asylum is applied for when you are already in the US.
  • Defensive Asylum can be applied once an immigration court has ordered the removal from the US.

The Asylum Interview

An asylum interview is a critical part of your application process, and it’s important to do your best to present a strong immigration case. The immigration lawyer you have will take care of the documents and evidence to bring to the interview and coach you on how best to answer any questions asked by immigration officials.

Questions You May Be Asked

During an asylum interview, immigration officials may ask about your:

  • Immigration history
  • Country of origin
  • Why you left your home country
  • The reason you seek Asylum in the US
  • family members, friends, or others who can confirm your story 

In addition, immigration officials may ask questions about your immigration status, such as if immigration authorities have ever detained you or if you have ever applied for a visa. The immigration attorney you work with can help you with how best to present your immigration case in court.

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