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When trying to become a lawful permanent resident of the U.S., many individuals consider applying for an Adjustment of Status. This process allows qualified immigration applicants to change their immigration status from “nonimmigrant” to “lawful permanent resident” without returning to their home country.

The Adjustment of the Status process is for nonimmigrant aliens who are already inside the United States and wish to change their immigration status. The process is complicated and should be done with an “immigration attorney near me;” read on to find out how to navigate the process.

Getting Familiar With The Adjustment Of Status Process

If you believe you are eligible for the Adjustment of Status process, there are a few steps you should be familiar with:

  1. Determine Your Eligibility: You should review the immigration laws to determine if any apply to your situation. Some simplest ways to qualify are through family immigration, employment immigration, or asylum.
  2. File Your Petition (or someone else does): Filing a petition is usually done by a U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident family member or your employer, depending on how you qualify for immigration in the first place.
  3. Check Visa Availability: In most cases, you cannot file a Form I-485 to adjust your status until a visa is available in your category. However, there are some exceptions, and your immigration attorney can explain how they vary depending on the category.
  4. File the Appropriate Form: The only form you can use to apply for permanent residency with the U.S. government is Form I-485. 
  5. Attend Application Support Center & Interview (If required): Most people must attend an Application Support Center (ASC) appointment. The government will collect biometrics such as fingerprints, photos, and signatures. 
  6. Provide Any Additional Evidence: Sometimes, If USCIS feels that you left out some important information or if the evidence you submitted is no longer valid, they might ask for more information from you and your immigration lawyer
  7. Check your Case Status: You can find out where your Form I-485 is in the application process by checking your case status online or contacting the USCIS Contact Center.
  8. Receive a Decision On Your Petition: If USCIS approves your petition, you will receive an approval letter and get a green card soon after. If USCIS denies your petition, they will send you a decision notice telling you why it was denied, which you may appeal.

The Right Way To Go When Adjusting Your Status In Dallas, TX

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