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Every year, millions of people wish to become US permanent residents through a green card application, but unfortunately, only a small amount is approved. The number one fear for many immigration candidates who don’t have an immigration attorney by their side is having their +applications rejected. Even though the US government lets in thousands of immigrants each year, there’s still a chance your application will be denied.

There are many reasons why immigration applications get rejected. Knowing these reasons can help you prepare for any hiccups and prevent potential delays in the immigration process with a “immigration attorney near me”. This blog will provide more insight into these issues so you can take preventive steps.

Why Would My Green Card Application Be Denied?

We understand it’s an anxious situation when immigration officials reject an application. However, it’s imperative to understand the reasons behind a denial so you can make necessary corrections and increase your chances of approval.

1. Failure to Meet Application Requirements

Immigration officials may deny your application if you don’t provide enough information about yourself, forget to complete certain forms, or make other errors. You must read the immigration instructions carefully and double-check all documents with an immigration lawyer before submitting them.

2. Criminal Records

Most people with a criminal record are ineligible for immigration or residency in the US. Even a seemingly small offense can disqualify you from some programs, so always disclose any crimes you may have committed.

3. Security Concerns

A comprehensive background check is part of the immigration process. If any security concerns arise from your application, such as links to terrorist activities or other potentially dangerous groups, then your application may be denied.

4. Health Reasons

Immigration officials will also assess your health to ensure you’re not carrying any contagious diseases or other serious medical concerns. If they find that your health is dangerous to the general population, they have the right to deny your green card application.

5. Previous Immigration Law Violations

If immigration officers find that you have broken immigration laws in the past, like overstaying a visa or coming into America unlawfully, they might not approve your application. It’s common sense that immigration officials will be extra vigilant with people who have had immigration violations.

Achieve Your Goals With The Right Immigration Lawyer

If you’re worried about your chances of getting your green card application approved, don’t be. There are many reasons an application may get denied, but you can avoid these with careful preparation. 

At The Presti Law Firm, you can find an “immigration attorney near me” with years of experience helping people successfully navigate green card applications. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in providing personalized attention and commitment to each client. Call our immigration attorney now to get your case evaluated and increase your chances of getting approved!