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Are You In Dallas and Facing Deportation? We Can Help You!

Immigrants may come across several difficulties when it comes to facing deportation. Without the right legal support, these issues can be overwhelming. Fortunately, The Presti Law Firm is here to help, providing the legal protection you need. We are reputable immigration attorneys in Dallas, Texas. We understand how scary and overwhelming it can be to face deportation, be separated from your loved ones, and be uncertain about the future.

That is why we aim to provide professional legal services for those facing deportation. No one should have to face the traumatic experience of the deportation process. Let us help you avoid feeling hopeless and powerless to protect yourself from being forcibly removed from your home. We aim to help you fight for your right to stay in the United States and pursue a safe and prosperous life.

What Happens If I Am Deported?

Deportation is the forced removal of a foreign national from a country due to violating immigration laws or other criminal activities. Immigrants must understand the reasons behind deportation, as it can significantly affect their lives and future opportunities. There are various problems that immigrants might face when dealing with deportation, such as separation from family, loss of work, and the inability to return to the host country.

By knowing which violations to avoid, immigrants can better protect themselves from the risk of deportation and ensure that they maintain their legal status within the country. This knowledge can provide security and stability, allowing immigrants to focus on building a life for themselves and their families without the constant fear of being deported.

4 Immigration Violations That Can Result In Deportation

  1. Criminal Convictions: Any crime conviction, including misdemeanors and felonies, can result in deportation. Even if the immigrant is not currently in prison, they are still subject to being deported if their criminal record meets certain criteria set by U.S. deportation laws.
  2. Overstaying Your Visa: Immigrants must remain within the U.S. for no longer than the visa period granted to them. If they stay beyond their expiration, they can face penalties, including deportation and future ineligibility for entry into the country.
  3. Violation of Immigration Laws: This includes any activity not permitted by U.S. immigration laws, such as working without a valid employment authorization document or failing to appear for removal proceedings.
  4. Public Charge: A public charge is an individual who receives more than half of their income from government assistance programs, such as food stamps and housing vouchers. Individuals who receive this aid are seen as burdening the state and can be subject to deportation.

Stay Informed On U.S Immigration Laws

Immigrants need to stay informed about U.S. immigration laws and any possible issues that might arise from violating them. Understanding the consequences of certain actions can help immigrants make decisions in their best interests and avoid activities that could lead to deportation. For example, an immigrant convicted of a crime should ensure that their record is cleared and their criminal history does not prevent them from entering or living in the U.S.

It is also important for immigrants to stay up-to-date on U.S. immigration laws, as they can change over time. By researching any changes and staying informed about the potential consequences of violating immigration laws, immigrants can help protect themselves from the risk of deportation.

Hire A Deportation Defense Lawyer & Avoid The Traumatic Experience Of Deportation

In the face of deportation, immigrants aspire to secure their place in the country while continuing to build a stable life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, navigating the complex legal system and understanding their rights can be stressful and intimidating. At Presti Law Firm, we understand how overwhelming and helpless this situation can be.

That is why we  diligently advocate for our client’s rights in court and provide the necessary representation to help them prevent deportation. No one deserves to experience the trauma and uncertainty of the deportation process, especially when it can be prevented with proper legal representation. So why wait? Let us provide you with professional legal assistance, ensuring our clients can remain in the country and continue pursuing their dreams.


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